Monthly Archives: November 2010

Sheldon Richman

This is the man who convinced me of rightness of libertarianism roughly 6 years ago.

Rap News

FDR’s Depression Policies Debate

A great debate between Bernard Malamud and Lawrence E. Reed over FDR’s economic policies during the Great Depression.  It is a bit long, but well worth the time.

Private Fire Protection?

Why is this concept so hard to understand?  …Listen to these two statists make some of the worst arguments you will ever hear against private fire protection…

The Libertarian Pledge to America

Laurance Vance makes a few edits to the Republican ‘Pledge to America.’  If only this could get the support of all Americans…

The Next Ron Paul?

The New Republic has a good piece on former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.  Is he the next Ron Paul?… At least a watered down version? “That’s the first sign you know you’re a libertarian,” he says. “You see the red light. You stop. You realize that there’s not a car in sight. And you […]

Ron Paul Expected to head Monetary Policy Subcommittee

Good news for monetary policy geeks, Assuming Republican leaders don’t pull any special rules change, Ron Paul looks to be on his way to heading the House Subcommittee for Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology.  Now hopefully we can get that audit of the FED.

Libertarian Morality

A n interesting study on the morality of libertarians. My favorite quote… “We might say that liberals have the most ‘feminine’ cognitive style, and libertarians the most ‘masculine.’”

Welcome to The Opposition

Welcome to The Opposition! This is where you will learn the truth. ‘The Truth’ you say; what is that? Well…we will tell you. Come and experience the Opposition to slavery and deceit….