The LIBRARY is a compilation of various writings which promote the concepts of liberty and limited government. The following texts were written by some of the world’s most powerful (such as Presidents and Aristocrats) to the most common of people demonstrating how freedom transcends class.

President Grover Cleveland Courtesy of the Mises Institute, the text of President Grover Cleveland’s (D) veto of the “Texas Seed Bill”.Of President Grover Cleveland’s 584 vetoes, that of the “Texas Seed Bill” (February 16, 1887) may be the most famous. Members of Congress wanted to help suffering farmers in the American West, but Cleveland rejected their bill, citing the limited mission of the general government and arguing that private charity and already-existing government programs should furnish the necessary aid. Read the full text here.

The Declaration of Independence needs no introduction. The document serves as the mission statement of the United States and a powerful testament to Natural law and individual rights.