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Pentagon: Cuts Could Hamper Ability To Invade Countries For No Reason

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—The spending cuts mandated by the sequester may hamper the United States’s ability to invade countries for absolutely no reason, a Pentagon spokesman warned today. The Pentagon made this gloomy assessment amid widespread fears that the nation’s ability to wage totally optional wars based on bogus pretexts may be in peril. “Historically, […]

Iran Wants War!! Look

Iran wants war!! Look how close they put their country to our military bases…

Ron Paul: More than Strong Enough to be our President

How can I run for office and say I want to be a weak president? We need a strong president, strong enough to resist the temptation of taking power the President shouldn’t have. ~ Ron Paul

Imagine: Chinese Bases in Texas!!

The following is an animated version of another brilliant Ron Paul speech.

Gitmo Economic Numbers – Some useful info if you are a US Taxpayer

Our national, annual spend on one of the most loathed American-owned/operated sites is beyond the pale. Put aside the inhumanity for a second and brush aside the self-proclaimed, non-constitutional “right” for the US to detain prisoners without trial for an unlimited amount of time; put all that aside and you still have the sheer cost […]

Obama – The King of Drones

Human rights advocates were floored on Monday night when NBC News published the details of an alarming Justice Department memo detailing the protocol for sending drones after United States citizens. It’s not as if they hadn’t suspected that the Obama administration’s top secret drone attack protocol contained some unsavory details. They just didn’t expect them […]

Where is the anti-war left?

What Obama is doing now with his Drone strikes is a war crime and needs to be stopped. Just like Bush needed to be stopped with the Iraq war.

Cruel Irony

Just some late-night veracity to chew upon.

End NATO: Cato Institute Explains Why