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Current Events Poems

Holy War

The screams of children, young and dying—Tear the fabric of our world;Yet old men plead for bombs to fallOn Gaza’s boys and girls. “Their parents voted; the die’s been cast;Fathers’ sins sowed their fate;Their infants must be blown to bits;We must trade hate for hate!” A child of seven kneels before Mars;Her home’s reduced to […]

Jennifer shows the gender-neutral playing cards being used.
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UVM Adds an Intervarsity Poker Club

BURLINGTON VT—This week the University of Vermont launched a new Texas Hold’em Poker Club for amateur card players and aspiring professionals alike. The new collegiate program boasts over a hundred and sixty-six members (a decade-long record for intervarsity extracurricular participation). The founders of the UVM Poker Club have a unique spin on the game that […]

Current Events Poems

America, 2023

A glorious table of feasting charlatans sit circling a bonfire of feigned justice. The raging fire is stacked high with dangerous literature and is lorded over by Great and Powerful men. But these men who burn books are no longer men; they are brutes. They are monsters. The ecstatic cries from the sickeningly drunk mob, […]