The Interloper

By Sean Dempsey, 11/5/23 Who is this brazen Stranger—Who would DARE of freedom dream—To crave a land, of strife and sand,Be filled not with children’s screams? “Perhaps a stop to bloodshedMight slow the endless ring—Reveal God’s ken; we’re all still men!Let us see what love can bring…” But the Wisemen speak to fancy:“This war will […]


To War!

By Sean Dempsey, 10/09/23 Who threw the first punch?  It matters not. But I DO remember Today’s killing shot. — Some time ago… After he pulled my hair I kicked his shin His teeth were bared When he hit my chin I pulled a knife And stabbed his old dog So he grabbed up a […]



By Sean Dempsey8/1/2023 In ancient lands, where legends dwell,A tale of sorrow I now shall tell.Perceive the stone’s eternal path:To be pushed with mirth, or bathed in wrath. With futile toil, his bane and plight,Sisyphus still strives with all his might.See the stone escape his mortal hand,And tumble downward through the land. A cunning mortal, […]


Songbirds & Vultures

By Sean Dempsey, 7/15/23 The fact names like Sojourner Truth, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Oskar Schindler, and Harriet Tubman are famous and revered above others indicate their uniqueness in history. They are anomalies! Mankind is rotten and putrid to its core. The Third Reich was no fluke, nor were the conquistadors, […]


Daddy’s Girl

by Sean Dempsey 7/1/23 A father’s care is far from rare,Nor is it soft or warm;But it’s her daddy’s arms a daughter needsTo weather any storm. A father’s kiss is rarely missedBy princess, bug, or child;But though she scorns his failed embrace,He still melts with e’ry smile. A father’s love is sometimes shovedQuite rudely from […]


Man’s Cage

To toil gives man purpose. His eyes glisten with fervor at the thought of work and career. Because he is distracted. Because he is caged. A caged man is unencumbered; he has his walls and his routine to keep him company. To keep him happy. To keep him sane. The hamster, too, is happy. His […]

Current Events Poems

America, 2023

A glorious table of feasting charlatans sit circling a bonfire of feigned justice. The raging fire is stacked high with dangerous literature and is lorded over by Great and Powerful men. But these men who burn books are no longer men; they are brutes. They are monsters. The ecstatic cries from the sickeningly drunk mob, […]

Culture Poems

Rich Man at The Well

This story is loosely based on the brief “Czech Crime” tale within Part 2 of The Stranger by Albert Camus. While the story is not unique, the the tale is now refined and laid more bare… In the picturesque village of Český Sněžný in Czechoslovakia, nestled amidst rolling hills and pristine landscapes, a young man […]


The Hangman

He helped the wretch rise to his feetWhen thrice had stumbled he;With a gentle pull on tattered rags,The bondsman made no plea. “Come now, poor soul; I’ll try to lead…”He whispered, almost cried—Yet cloudy orbs of muted thanksWas the wretch’s sole reply. I watched this scene from noisy crowd.The contrast was quite stark:Youth and age […]

Culture Poems

Dear Hubris

Saint Paul knew us best when he called us Children.We are much worse than that, however;We are fools. We praise and erect to the highest courts in our land princes and kings of fools.We deign to call these men our leaders simply because they are the most debased and vile;The more senile they become, the […]