Keynesian Magic Trick

Every magic trick has three parts, or acts. This current one we are living in will be a painful trick unfortunately ON the American people and will have very dire consequences for our very way of life.

Act 1: 🤢 A Terrible Virus 😱

The Coronavirus reins down fear and death on the United States. Despite its apparent novelty, this is relatively normal in the scheme of history—as global pandemics have occurred thousands of times throughout mankind’s existence on this planet. Jobs are lost and our way of life is severely threatened. But this time things are different! We have a great magician on our side to help us weather the economic impacts of this terrible event!

Act 2: 🤩 Inflation & Debt to the Rescue 😍

The great Magician, the United States Federal Reserve—working in close concert with the United States Congress— assures us we need not fear. “Unlimited money printing” and “whatever it takes” will be done through stimulus, bailouts, lending, borrowing, gifting, and inflating to ensure our economy will be safe and sound.

Ah, the audience gasps, how can this be true? How can just printing money make us all safe and prosperous again in this time of great peril?

BUT – indeed! Jobs are saved. Money, like manna, is delivered on high and en made. The stock market roars back to life! This is true magic! We are saved!

Act 3: 😳 Hyper-Inflation! 😧

The “Prestige” to the trick is unveiled!

Oh no! It turns out the magician was just a liar and a fraud! All our money is now worthless. Now we have a terrible virus AND no value to our currency. Rut roh. The Prestige was that a dirty trick was played ON us, not for us. Voila!

Keynesian Magiccccc!

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