Wear Your Mask

You should wear masks in the sun
You should wear them when you run
You should wear one before you eat
And wear three on the toilet seat

Wear a mask when you are here;
And wear a mask before you’re there.
You should wear your mask everywhere!

You should wear a mask in the car
You must wear a mask near or far;
Please wear one when you’re alone
Wear one when you’re on the phone.

Wear TWO masks if you are able
Especially when walking to your table
But when seated, you’re in the clear!
You can’t get Covid in a chair.

Wear a mask when on Zoom calls.
Wear a mask when juggling balls.
Wear a mask when with your dog.
Wear a mask when in the fog.

Wear a mask when you are here;
And wear a mask before you’re there.
You should wear your mask everywhere!

Wait! What is this; what do you say?
You do not want to wear your mask today?
Do not be selfish; and don’t be mean—
The maskless are all dreadful fiends!

They’ll kill your grandma and you too,
And that would make you oh so blue. 🙁
So keep that mask on your face,
Or you will be a big disgrace!

Wear a mask when you are here;
And wear a mask before you’re there.
You should wear your mask everywhere!

Fear your neighbor; fear your friends;
Fear everyone with germs to send
They’ll sneeze in your face and you will die
Your daddy and your mom will cry.

Please fear everyone you see each day
Don’t go near them; don’t dare play!
It is best to be all alone
Save yourself, stay safe; stay home.

So wear a mask when you are here;
And wear a mask before you’re there.
You should wear your mask everywhere!

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