Stay Home, Save Lives

Left alone, in my home, I’m out of harm’s way.
Dangers of this world won’t get me today.
Left alone, in my home, I’ll surely survive.
There’s not a thing I won’t do to keep me alive.

The world’s now so dark—with despair and disease!
I’m safe here. Protected. I feel more at ease.
I’ve tv here, and Zoom calls; FaceTime and more;
I’m that more unselfish with each friend I ignore.

Here alone, in my home, I’m healthy and breathing;
My responsible, respectable heart is still beating.
Staying inside is saving lives, as I’m told;
I’m happy to do so—to avoid this bad cold.

I still remember the world as it was long ago…
I’m ashamed! I must admit I miss seeing a show
Or the laughter of friends and sights around town.
But who’s to say a green leaf’s more lovely than brown?

Yet here alone, in my home, I am still free—
Free to pine, to remember, how it used to be:
Before society crumbled, before the world fell;
Before claiming victory entailed living in hell.

I’m doing my part, though; I’m living in fear!
That’s what the news tells me and it’s all that I hear.
The government lockdowns all seem justified;
Why should one take chances when so many have died!?

I skipped Thanksgiving last year. Oh, Christmas as well.
Just me being unselfish. Really not much to tell…
I do miss my dear family: the smiles, the fun—
But aren’t I right to trade that for a bit more air in my lungs?

In months I haven’t seen another soul eye-to-eye.
But my conscience is clear, and I haven’t yet died!
The sacrifice is worth it. It just has to be!
The risks of living just weren’t worth the danger to me.

I’ve avoided people so that I might one day share
Time with those same people whom I’ve avoided with care!
I now see the world through a muted dark lens
Living in hope the State permits it to end.

I’ve given up so much music, laughter, and song.
And I’ll be damned if you try to tell me I’m wrong.
I’ve missed moments of life from those that I love;
I’ve complied with the orders proclaimed from above.

I’ve given up much. There’s not more I can give.
For 10 months I’ve forfeited life so that I could live.
I’ve sacrificed life on the alter of living;
I’m way past the point of having misgivings.

Left alone, in my home, scared and afraid—
Hoping for light, but more drawn to the shade—
Huddled up, shuttered up, head-first I have dived.
I feel my soul’s dead … but my body’s alive!!

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