Short Stories

The Storm

By Sean Dempsey, 08/08/23 Seven year-old Anna was sneaking on her tiptoes to avoid the cottage flooring from creaking as she slipped out into the frosty air of the front porch. She was up remarkably early, startled awake by dark dreams she couldn’t fully remember. The morning light was just starting to dispel the night; […]



“Who are you?”Said Pooh to me.“I’m me,” said me to Pooh“Well, who is Pooh if you are ‘Me’?Who’s the one true Pooh?” “You’re Pooh!” said I“That’s true” laughed Pooh,“But what is true?” asked he. “What is true…?” mused Pooh. “The sky is blue” said me.“Yes, it’s blue” grinned Pooh“It’s true; I see, I see.” “I […]