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NATO is the Schoolyard Bully

If a bully at school started a “we hate Allison club” and the point of their club was “we will defend all boys from that horrible girl named Allison if she bothers us”

Then they invite every one around Allison to join it.

And then some of Allison’s friends are given money and promises of chocolates to join their club.

And then even her family members and even her sister and brothers are invited to join and tempted to join with sweets and money and goodies.

And repeatedly over and over Allison says “if my only and favorite sister joins you guys I am just going to lose my mind. You’re all bullies and this club shouldn’t exist. It’s mean and only exists to antagonize me! and i haven’t done anything to any of you in 60 years when my name wasn’t even Allison it was The Soviet Union” (my analogy is breaking down excuse me)

But they all laugh at her and try to get her sister to join anyway.

And on the cusp of Allison’s sister joining the club… Alison snaps and kills her sister’s dog!

Allison is clearly horrible. Allison should never have killed the dog. That’s a really sick and horrible thing to do. Allison should go to jail and get mental health.

But by god — please don’t call her unprovoked!

Sean Dempsey
Sean Dempsey moved to New Hampshire as one of the first 100 ‘Free Staters.’ He unabashedly believes in the US Constitution and the message and principles enshrined by its founders. Sean believes the country in which we live needs to re-examine what Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Adams believed (and were willing to die for). The message of freedom is not a tag line or something to be embarrassed by, but is sacrosanct and more important than ever!

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