The American Flag

By Sean Dempsey06/18/24 See the waving of our flag—   Heroic flag!What a patriotic story of this gentle, simple rag.How it stiffens our resolve;For no problem it can’t solve!How it gushes and it rushes,For our soul it does enflame—A pure passion for The Cause:Our homeland’s gentle reign.Oh, what glorious, awesome mightOf our nation’s righteous fight!How it […]


Poisoned Fruit

by Sean Dempsey, 4/12/22 Ignorance is the soil, and propaganda the manure required to seed a Forest of Lies. Those who live in the woods and feed off the fruits of this forest are impervious to all manners of Truth—even when revealed to them, they retreat to the putrid shade of the canopy and cower […]


The Lost Path

The Lost Path by Sean Dempsey The air, just breezy enough to be warm,Cast a spell on our walk, as sun trick’d through:No risks to be seen or signs to forewarn:Not but the trees and the brush in our view. And divine was it, our walk on the path;I still will attest, with every breath […]

Current Events Poems

Holy War

The screams of children, young and dying—Tear the fabric of our world;Yet old men plead for bombs to fallOn Gaza’s boys and girls. “Their parents voted; the die’s been cast;Fathers’ sins sowed their fate;Their infants must be blown to bits;We must trade hate for hate!” A child of seven kneels before Mars;Her home’s reduced to […]


The Unbroken Circle

The Unbroken Circle Continues… Violence begets violence begets violence.  Hate begets hate begets hate.  We are all a victim of our berth in time and our place of birth. For one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. Man falls victim again and again to his circumstance, perspective, and his lonely place in time. He […]


The Sickening Cure

By Sean Dempsey, 6/5/24 For ol’ Truth, you ask, with misty eye?No, I’m afraid he’s gone today.Left out those doors and not seen since—Though I long begged him to stay.  His words ignored, his children bored;Unloved, he took his leave;His songs unsung for many years,His proverbs not believed. Ah, but he left behind a note […]