Keynesian Cheat Sheet

Keynesian CHEAT SHEET:

A short primer to help you translate articles when reading these esoteric phrases:

“more help from the federal reserve will likely be needed …”
Translation: “more heroine is likely needed to be injected into this man dying of a heroine overdose…”

“the fed needs to do more stimulus…”
Translation: “the us dept of money needs to print more money…”

“we need to consider negative interest rates.”
Translation: “our ill-conceived medicine to fight the disease is making the patient even worse. Increase the dosage!”

“Don’t ever bet against America”
Translation: “sink more of your money in the vastly over-inflated us stock market.”

“Our banks are stronger than ever and able to weather any economic storm.”
Translation: “we didn’t learn a thing from the 2008 crisis. We actually implemented a 0 reserve requirement in March so banks can now lend out an infinite supply of money without recourse.”

“Inflation isn’t a concern. Deflation is our biggest enemy right now.”
Translation: “we don’t want consumer prices to go down as they naturally should (which helps people weather a crisis); we want them turning to big government, begging for relief.”

Sean Dempsey
Sean Dempsey moved to New Hampshire as one of the first 100 ‘Free Staters.’ He supports unabashedly shouting the liberty message from the rooftops. No pale pastels; Sean believes Libertarians need vibrant and bold messaging and that the message of freedom is not something to be embarrassed by.

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