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Vaccination Passports: The Only Way Out

I’m terrified! And for good reasons why:
We’re all living in a global epidemic!
But it’s now clear how to purge our fear—
Yet some believe “freedom” is systemic.

There are certain times we must rewind
The clock to days of yesteryear;
We must all scream: “take your vaccine!”
Else the whole world will stay in fear.

Put your mask on tight—it’s only right!
For heaven’s sake, do as Fauci says!
Those who resist make me so pissed:
Don’t you hear the orders from our Prez?

Those who take the shot are now tip-top
And shall be given their freedoms back!
But those foes who would DARE oppose
Should be thrown upon the rack!

We need a law so they don’t kill grandma;
America needs a system of new castes!
Yes, that’s the trick! So with your two pricks
You will be forever in 1st class.

The 2nd class—they won’t have a pass;
They shan’t play with all their betters!
Unite and stand: ‘They must be brand!!
The unvaxed affixed with Scarlett letter!’

It’s the only way we can all save the day:
Bring America back to its roots!
Back at last—split up by caste
And have a few necks under our boot.

Sean Dempsey
Sean Dempsey moved to New Hampshire as one of the first 100 ‘Free Staters.’ He supports unabashedly shouting the liberty message from the rooftops. No pale pastels; Sean believes Libertarians need vibrant and bold messaging and that the freedom message is not something by which to be embarrassed.

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