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Keene: Center of the free state project?

Apparently, according to this article:

Bastiat and Legal Plunder

This pretty much sums up in a nice nutshell the Libertarian argument.

Plaxico Burress and Unjust Laws

Plaxico Burress, former NY Giants WR, recently got out of 20 months in prison for bringing a gun into a club and accidently discharging it, hitting him in the thigh, but hurting no one else. This punishment is an example of how our current legal system does not do its job in ensuring justice is […]

Ron Paul’s Predictions Come True

If you were to go back and look at the accuracy of our elected representative’s statements you would find that the most accurate of them all is Congressman Ron Paul. Whether it is foreign policy, economics or even your everyday politics, he is usually found to be correct. Despite this, the political establishment, the MSM […]

Schooling and Education

The most destructive force of freedom in our society, besides government as a whole, is our public school system. If you care to study the issue further, be sure to check out more of John T. Gatto, as well as Sheldon Richman’s book ‘Separating School and State.’

Reasons Not to Fund the Arts

In case that fact that taxpayer funding of art isn’t constitutional, nor moral, doesn’t quite do the trick for you here are a few other reasons as presented by

Walter Williams on Stossel

Watch the latest video at

Ken Burns’s The War

Further to my previous post, here is a great summary of Ken Burns’s recent documentary “The War”, which is actually worse than his Civil War one.

Ken Burns’s Civil War

The following article ends up by making an important point regarding the famous Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War: “Watching the film, you might easily forget that one side was not fighting for, but against the very things that Burns claims the war so gloriously achieved. Confederates, you might need reminding after seeing it, […]

End NATO: Cato Institute Explains Why