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Get Government OUT of the Marriage Business

Social Right-wingers: Just imagine how you’re all going to look in 40 years… 🙁

marriage rights

Why do we even need the government involved in marriage?!? It has nothing to do with the government and never did. Libertarians advocate for getting the government to stop backing/supporting/granting/licensing ANY type of marriage of any kind – gay, straight, or otherwise. Leave marriage to be sanctioned by private or non-profit organizations, such as a church.

However, to realistically do this it means we need the government to stop taxing people differently depending on ridiculous socially and/or state-imposed constructs like “married” or “single.” Might take a while for people to see eye-to-eye on that.

Sean Dempsey
I support, personal freedom and the ideology which gives the most freedom to the most people. There are no exceptions and no valid reasons for loss of freedom, no matter how much the supposed "left" and "right" may try to convince you there are.

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