Fighting the War on Drugs: What Real Political Courage Looks Like

In the aftermath of Rand Paul’s recent support of the War on Drugs ( http://reason.com/blog/2013/05/13/rand-paul-assures-evangelicals-that-he-d ), many people have defended Senator Paul, saying, “He was speaking before the most socially conservative audience in the country. What do you want him to do? Tell them that the government has no business legislating morality? Tell them that he wants to end the War on Drugs? Tell them that social meddlers should mind their own business, or that drug prohibition is a waste of money, lives, and resources?”

Yes. We expect courage in all statesmen from any party. Here’s a video of what political courage looks like:

This is an incredibly awesome video showing Ron Paul back when he was young and fiery yelling at an angry audience, defending freedom. That’s the kind of man we need today!

Sean Dempsey
I support, personal freedom and the ideology which gives the most freedom to the most people. There are no exceptions and no valid reasons for loss of freedom, no matter how much the supposed "left" and "right" may try to convince you there are.

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