Songbirds & Vultures

By Sean Dempsey, 7/15/23

The fact names like Sojourner Truth, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Oskar Schindler, and Harriet Tubman are famous and revered above others indicate their uniqueness in history. They are anomalies!

Mankind is rotten and putrid to its core. The Third Reich was no fluke, nor were the conquistadors, nor the Romans or Barbarians before them. The blood shed by guillotines, crosses, and firing squads are testament to an insatiable brutality in our species.

War is our status quo, not peace; subjugation is our Sine qua non, not freedom.

The incessant need to bifurcate society is innate and powerful; it is part of who we are as man. We can no more cull its demand on our psyche than a wild animal can resist bearing its teeth before prey.

Mankind is rotten and putrid to its core. To be human means to seek the sickeningly sweet stench of death and lap it up with a mindless ferocity. To consume the poison greedily until it destroys us fully. To follow the darkness and those brave Elites who lead us through darkness until we die happily in darkness.

The Nazis forced their fellow man to wear stars and called it Proper and Good. The Southern States forced their fellow man to work the cotton fields as property and called it Proper and Good. ‘Science’ demanded Good Citizens receive forced medical treatments and called it Proper and Good. Progress seeks for children to mutilate their young bodies and surgically alter their sex and labels it Proper and Good. We are nothing if not immutable.

Mankind is inherently evil and predisposed to divide and conquer. The masses look to leaders and Elites to tell them what to do and how to act. The fact these Elites, by virtue of their raw humanity, choose to divide and segregate, is no real consequence. If that is what they say is Good and Proper, they will be obeyed. Because mankind’s lot is to acquiesce; it proffers supplication and obedience to those in power who instruct and demand obedience.

Those select few — those outcasts and heathens — who disregard the will of Leadership are vilified and ostracized.

Those miscreants — the derelicts and enemies of the State — their freedoms will be stripped away and their names raked through the mud. Their lives will be forfeit on the altar of humanity’s most vile and basest instincts.

And then, years later, their names shall be resurrected and they will then be treated as heroes. Their names will be used as examples of humanity’s TRUE nature — since, they will say, great men and women will always stand up proudly against tyranny. This fact thus affirms the greatness of all men.

Yet what these Worthy anomalies and abominations truly did was stand up against mankind itself and his pestilence; those divine few chose to stare deep into the face of the rotten and putrid soul of man and dare — DARE — to say: “You lot are pure evil! We will not bend the knee before your unholy altars. We will not yield to your sickening fears. We will not mislabel your power to marginalize, kill, and destroy as sacred; we will not obey your edicts or accept your propaganda. We will stand proudly when you tell us to kneel; we will sing when you force us to silence; we will sit where you demand we avoid; we will speak truth when you wish to silence our voice.

And these rare doves and songbirds above an angry sea of infinite vultures were made tribute to mankind’s greatness and sublime nature. When, in fact, it was they, those who stood as light against darkness—those who dared to defy the crowd of drunken murderers and wretches—it was they who were the least human of all.

Sean Dempsey
Sean Dempsey moved to New Hampshire as one of the first 100 ‘Free Staters.’ He unabashedly believes in the US Constitution and the message and principles enshrined by its founders. Sean believes the country in which we live needs to re-examine what Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Adams believed (and were willing to die for). The message of freedom is not a tag line or something to be embarrassed by, but is sacrosanct and more important than ever!

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