Culture Poems

Babylon, 2023

Work hard for your money, thieves steal half it away.Sell plants on the street, in a cage you will pay.Pick up a gun for your country for noble wars they begin;They say if you kill for thieves then murder’s no longer a sin. Try to save cash, and its value will fade.Brigands steal from you […]



“Who are you?”Said Pooh to me.“I’m me,” said me to Pooh“Well, who is Pooh if you are ‘Me’?Who’s the one true Pooh?” “You’re Pooh!” said I“That’s true” laughed Pooh,“But what is true?” asked he. “What is true…?” mused Pooh. “The sky is blue” said me.“Yes, it’s blue” grinned Pooh“It’s true; I see, I see.” “I […]

Culture Current Events Poems


By Sean Dempsey As the world has changed it has become more authentic.The niceties that once glued society together have been stripped away.As fear has taken over, so to has mankind’s natural distrust and hate for others. Differences that once were superficial have become meaningful;Divisions that once could be easily bridged, are now insurmountable.Authentic man […]