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On Latin American Politics and Ending the War on Drugs

The second half of this video addresses the benefits of legalizing drugs on the violence in Latin America.  The point that prohibition only tends towards more violence created by a fight for market share by the various underground organizations in the black market is certainly a legitimate point that should be enough to convince any reasonable person to support drug legalization in the United States or America.  There is, however, an even more fundamental reason to support such a policy: Freedom.  Every individual has a property right in their person, this means no other can control another’s body, whether it be an individual or a group of people who call themselves a government, to do so would be a form of slavery.   It then follows that no law can be legitimate which says to an individual that they cannot put certain things in their body, as the government does not own any individuals body.  Therefore the consumption of any drug, no matter how harmful it may be, is the right of the individual and cannot be infringed.  This is what we call freedom, and until the government gets out of the business of making slaves of its subjects it cannot claim to be the land of the free.

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