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Top 4 Cases of Mass Hysteria: History of Group Psychosis

Mass-psychosis has been a plague on humanity since perhaps the dawn of time. Fear sparks it; religious fervor feeds it & fans the flame. It creates a mindless mob-mentality and brings out the WORST of mankind. Here is a brief history of the phenomenon:

1692: USA. The Salem Witch Trials

Religion/Ideology: Puritanism

Seemingly good & “righteous” people hunted down & hung innocent women, believing them to be unholy witches. Families turned on their neighbors in a shortsighted attempt to appease the “drumhead” tribunals & out of fear of being tortured themselves.

Many draconian measures were used during this period such as locking people in small boxes & leaving them in the sun to bake, or weighing down women & throwing them in bodies of water; if they floated, they were witches (fyi they all sunk & drowned).

The “confess or give us a name” torture tactics used by interrogators were very similar to those used hundreds of years later during the McCarthyism era of late 1940s & early 1950s (the Red Scare, USA). In both instances, groupthink took over the populace, fueled by a naked fear (witches & communism, respectively), and led to horror and evil being perpetuated by existing power structures—entirely supported by fear and mob mentality & the “leadership” that gave these movements societal legitimacy.

1943-1944: Nazi Germany

Religion/Ideology: Fascism, Racism.

An entire nation got swept away in religious & statist zeal, imbued by nationalism & antisemitism. Over 4 million Jews were murdered and hundreds of thousands of ethnically-fueled killings occurred under the guise of hate, fear, unquestioning faith in one’s government, “the superiority of the Arian race,” and blanket national pride.

The fusion of the State and corporate interests (Fascism) led to massive socialist programs in Germany which demanded obedience from its people lest they be labeled agitators and imprisoned. The vast majority of people in the 3rd Reich required their government to survive and thus were unwilling to speak out against its oppressive and totalitarian regime. Jews and “inferior races” (according to the propaganda of the day) were the cause of most of the challenges experienced by the people.

The State channeled and weaponized this fear — creating a “boogeyman” to direct all national hatred against. This division allowed for a galvanizing effect (through fear and hate) to allow a “boiling of the frog” to take place. First a national registry of Jews was compiled; next, private property was illegally seized; then physical papers and an overt physical symbol showcasing the Jewish outliers from society were required in all public settings. This then led to ghettos to be erected, and lastly concentration camps to be used for work and eventual near annihilation of the race (genocide).

Fear bred the disease that would fester into a metastasized plague on society. Society accepted the mandates of its leaders because it was indoctrinated by the government and media (state-run) to accept such draconian measures as not only viable, but required and righteously supported by the Party the people relied on.

1945: USA. Japanese Internment Program

Religion/Ideology: Nationalism, Racism

Japanese internment camps set up across the country. Fueled by fear, American citizens turned on their fellow Japanese citizens simply because of their race. Japanese men, women, and children were pulled from their beds in the night, at gunpoint, and forced into work camps.

This happened in the “land of the free, home of the brave.”

2020-2023: Worldwide. Covid-19 Totalitarianism

(worst human treatment in Australia, Austria, USA, Singapore, China)
Religion/Ideology: Statism, Totalitarianism

Fueled by fear, roughly 60% of humanity turned on the other 40% & implemented mass-hysteria programs such as Covid vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and Covid passports. Those who resisted or failed to comply with government edicts were treated as pariahs and second-class citizens–as if in an Apartheid state.

Draconian governments worldwide forced free people into their homes & those who failed to comply were beaten, sent to jail, fined, and/or lost their jobs. The worst of the psychosis occurred following the release of improperly tested “vaccines.” (NB: various pharmaceutical products were inaccurately labeled “vaccinations” however they were unable to stimulate immunity, as per the standard definition of the word so were not deserving of that moniker.)

Individuals who pushed for greater transparency used in ‘vaccine’ creation and/or questioned the expedited push of the product(s) through human clinical trials and/or questioned why the FDA’s standard process wasn’t followed were silenced, ridiculed, & defamed.

Ironically, one of the creators of the mRNA vaccine process itself (and also questions the efficacy & negative consequences of too hasty a global rollout) was one such victim of public and media slander.

The GLOBAL mass psychosis & fear-induced hysteria that occurred between 2020-2023 was unlike anything in recorded human history! The negative externalities, particularly caused by government policies during this time period, include a debasement of the financial currencies throughout the world, a degradation of global & individual freedom, massive loss of jobs, the immergence of massive stimulus programs (e.g. paying people not to work), a rollback of 20th century medical & scientific progress, & a resurgence of state-based & media-fueled propaganda not seen post-WW2.

For the USA, the “national crisis” officially ended in April 2023 when President Joe Biden formalized a conclusion of the “State of Emergency” due to Covid-19.

As with Nazi Germany 75 years before, totalitarian/draconian policies did not happen overnight (nor could they have). Instead, a “boiling of the frog” was needed to casually erode civil liberties and divide the populace. A poorly named “2 Weeks to Flatten the Curve” program was put in place before two years+ of lockdowns could be put into effect. Before city and state governments could mandate that a medically-dubious injection must be required before a person could use a restaurant or public bathrooms naturally there needed to first be a demonizing of those who chose to remain unvaccinated.

The (lack of) efficacy of the ‘vaccines’ were ignored in order to use state-run propaganda weaponry effectively. Mistruths about the product (such as its early promise to be able to stop transmission of the virus) was required in order to push for the most epic marketing campaign in all of human history.

False prognosis about the acclaimed dangers of the disease was needed to spark greater fear in the populace. This “Covid propaganda engine” required the legitimacy of rulers, the media to be in lock-step with the State, and for the people to turn on each other to defend themselves from the boogeyman propped up to galvanize them—otherwise the totalitarian tactics would fail.

In the end, the governments of the world (especially the US) printed more money than ever before in human history. It passed more totalitarian laws and edicts (most via fiat and executive order) than ever before. It passed more spending programs than ever before (including TARP). Free speech was abandoned by many as if it were war time; government positioned itself as a savior and hero in order to capitalize on the Fear it had propagated and propagandized in its people.

Unchecked, FEAR leads to a paranoia, mass-hysteria, and a power vacuum.

Fear has erected ghettos and pitted family member against family member. Fear and the mass psychosis it causes is perhaps the greatest threat to humanity. For fear erodes away our very souls and strips away all that makes us human. Groupthink removes our morality, which is what separates us from being mere brutes and beasts.

Sean Dempsey
Sean Dempsey moved to New Hampshire as one of the first 100 ‘Free Staters.’ He unabashedly believes in the US Constitution and the message and principles enshrined by its founders. Sean believes the country in which we live needs to re-examine what Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and Adams believed (and were willing to die for). The message of freedom is not a tag line or something to be embarrassed by, but is sacrosanct and more important than ever!

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